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All in One Underfloor Heating Solution using Micro-Screed Technology with Heating and Comfort Cooling

Efficient timber suspended floored systems

Thermoplane revolutionises the traditional use of timber suspended floors by laying a highly conductive and flexible heated screed with acoustic properties over the timber decking, resulting in high fuel efficiencies and associated carbon reduction.




The majority of all new build housing utilises a decked wooden floor on timber suspended joists and with timber framed buildings the deck becomes a structural element of the build.

From a renewable heating prospective, a joisted system dictates that a significantly higher flow temperature is required to heat the zones above a timber floor and therefore reduces the system efficiency.    With underfloor heating beneath the heat resistant decking, probably covered by underlay and carpet, the water flow temperature required is similar to using the alternative emitter for timber suspended floors.....the radiator.

Designing and installing an underfloor heating system beneath timber decking is governed by building regulations for permitted notching in relation to the traditional joist span, however with the  onset of I Beams, this is exacerbated by only being able to thread long lengths of pipe through knock out holes or webbed metal structures.

A screeded block and beam floor brings many benefits however, due to associated costs these are mainly seen in the high end markets of large individual properties.

Thermoplane benefits: