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All in One Underfloor Heating Solution using Micro-Screed Technology with Heating and Comfort Cooling

Gypsol History

Founded in 1953 as Gurney Slade Limestone Company, Francis Flower now deals with a number of products including Milled Anhydrite, Bentonite, Granulated and Powdered  Minerals, Recycling, Soil Modification and of course GYPSOL anhydrite screed binders

With bases in Somerset, Cheshire and Cambridge, Francis Flower is equipped to fine mill more than 400,000 tonnes of mineral every year to as low as 40 microns. Each of our locations have extensive silo storage facilities enabling multiple materials to be processed rapidly and without risk of contamination.

State of the art blending equipment enables us to incorporate customer-supplied additives or the combination of base components. We also offer controlled drying and screening services as part of processing, or as a separate service.

Our granulating plants mix fine powders with appropriate binder to produce granules ranging from 2-8mm depending on customers requirements. Liquid and solid additives can be incorporated into any granule production.

Customers who require material in bags can select a weight to suit their purpose. Smaller bags are packed onto pallets and shrink wrapped for safety and convenience.

Storage at our UK locations is supplemented with a national network of storage silos, which provide a capacity of 15,000 tonnes. In addition FF have ship offload facilities for bulk powders into 6,000 tonnes of storage situated at Runcorn docks in Cheshire, These silos are remotely monitored by a web based software system that implements our Dynamic Distribution Service. This guarantees that not only our customers receive what they want, when they want it, but also optimises fuel and driver resources, enabling us to provide a cost effective solution for our customers.

Francis Flower has partnered with key customers to invest in specialist or dedicated equipment and we are always keen to talk about new projects to add to our already comprehensive capabilities.

We are certified to the quality system standards BS:EN:ISO 9001:2008 and are approved against the requirements of UFAS

Why Gypsol and Thermoplane?

Thermoplane was originally conceived as part of a potential testing program regarding liquid and standard screeds.  Keith Westcott originally designed the testing regime to prove the difference between Gypsum and Cement based screeds for reaction times and efficiency.

Although all UFH systems benefit from using Gypsum compared to sand cement, Thermoplane could see the great benefits of having a system in the market place working with Gypsol to pull together efficient products and expert design to offer clients and specifiers a system which is backed up by accurate test data not only for its own market but in direct comparison to other screeds to allow them to make an informed decision.