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All in One Underfloor Heating Solution using Micro-Screed Technology with Heating and Comfort Cooling

Research and Development Test Centre

Working in conjunction with Warwick University, Thermoplane have launched a dedicated research and development test centre.

With a long term programme, we look to further develop material contents to improve the relationship between emitter and renewable technology.

Thermoplane Testing Bays

7 screed bays:

Each bay 2.4 x 1.2m and include 2 underfloor heating circuits per bay.

Pipe is 16mm x 2mm PexA at 200mm spacing (front loops), 150mm at back.

28 thermocouples connected to 4 data-loggers through a USB hub to Picotech software.

Each circuit has a thermocouple embedded above a pipe and one centred between pipes.

Primary heating is provided by an electric boiler supplying a buffer tank.  Secondary circuits served by an actuated mixing valve which will govern flow temperature throughout tests. Screed binder Gyvlon


To better understand the relationship between mass and inertia in regards to:-