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All in One Underfloor Heating Solution using Micro-Screed Technology with Heating and Comfort Cooling

Temporary Boiler Hire

Since Gyvlon screeds are based on calcium sulphate and not cement they can be force dried to reduce drying times without effecting strength gain or causing large amounts of shrinkage, dehumidifiers can be used after 72 hours and the UFH commissioned at 7 days, this is extremely beneficial when you consider the UFH must be commissioned and ran prior to floor covering being installed.

UFH systems should be commissioned in a controlled manner, typically 20 degrees flow temperature for the first 48 hours, then increased at 5 degrees per 24 hours the after to operating temperature (maximum 50 degrees) and turned down at 5 degrees per 24 hours

The underfloor heating and screed installation usually takes place sometime before the main heat source is installed.  In these instances, Thermoplane have a range of temporary boilers that can be hired out to suit the projects drying and commissioning cycle.

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