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All in One Underfloor Heating Solution using Micro-Screed Technology with Heating and Comfort Cooling

Welcome to Thermoplane

A revolutionary underfloor heating and thermal screed system that is environmentally friendly and responsive.

At the heart of the system is the combination of a highly conductive Thermoplane liquid flowing screed and the high-quality performance PEX-a and Multilayer pipe. The system is perfect for timber suspended floors commonly used in the majority of new builds.

What makes Thermoplane In-Screed Heating Different?

The system has many environmental benefits, as described below. In particular, it can form a highly thermally responsive layer so that optimal temperatures may be quickly reached.

  • Gypsol is made from a waste product. I tonne of Gypsol prevents 0.98 tonnes of waste going to landfill.
  • The high thermal response of the screed eradicates the need for long "pre-heating times", and so save energy.
  • The high thermal conductivity allows low flow temperatures, enhancing the coefficient of performance for heatpumps, so dramatically lowering the power required to achieve optimal temperatures.
What industry experts think:
Underfloor and low temperature heating systems can significantly improve the performance of domestic and commercial heating systems but is often difficult to integrate. Thermoplane now appears to bring it all together; the integration of heating systems into the very fabric of buildings. This system could really improve the performance of heat pumps and provide solutions for refurbishments and new builds improving comfort and reducing consumption" Martin Orrill MBA MIDHEE, Head of Energy Technology and Innovation, British Gas